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Who is Wayne Perrey?
Depends who you ask!

To my wife: I'm a loving husband.
To my daughter: I'm her dad and number one fan.
To my agent: I'm a successful actor.
To my clients: I'm a passionate carpenter with an eye for detail.
To me: I'm all of the above, but mainly a bloke who loves the variety of life!

Yes I'm an actor but I also have a passion for making and creating beautiful things.

Thanks to working with my dad over the years in the family property business, I've gained the tools of the trade that have enabled me to turn my hands to all things carpentry.

Just after my little girl was born six years ago, I decided I wanted to create a better work life balance, so I began to offer my DIY and carpentry services to clients, Soon my reputation as a friendly, reliable, handyman/carpenter began to grow.

This was highlighted when two years ago I was approached by the BBC and asked to be an on camera builder for the TV show ' The Great Interior Design Challenge'.

Ironically not because of my filming experience but because of my carpentry skills (I love that my two worlds have crossed).

Since my carpentry skills have been seen on TV , I have been asked to work on lots of exciting projects, like building sets for the 'Ideal Home Show', lots of interesting private carpentry jobs , and creating bespoke home wear in my 'Man Cave' ( please see my online shop).

But the highlight once again was this summer going back to film my third series of 'The Great Interior Design Challenge'.

So what's next for me? Who knows?

Hopefully it will be creating something special and individual for you!

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I have been following Wayne’s joinery work for over year now and as a picky exacting interior designer I have to say I am impressed. His joinery is crisp and well made, I find he is open to ideas and is able to convert them in to practical solutions. He is also a nice guy to work with.
Daniel Hopwood
Wayne is an interior designers dream- with a great grasp of the technical side of joinery he can help you to realise your design ideas.
Sophie Robinson
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